In 1982 and 1983, 27 complaints of sexual harassment were filed with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission against Kodellas and on "Three Stars Restaurant". Notice was provided to Kodellas shortly after they were filed. Kodellas gave two statements to the Commission, one on 28 October 1982 and one on 1 May 1984. He was also charged with perjury for dishonesty on the stand and was convicted later. However, On 4 May and 16 May 1984 the Commission wrote to Kodellas asking him for the names of all the female employees of the Three Stars Restaurant during the previous six months. After that Kodellas heard nothing further about the matter until 30 August 1985. In that period the Commission arranged to have two new complaints filed by the complainants. The first complainant filed a complaint dated 30 July 1985 in the same terms as her first complaint of 5 August 1982, and the second complainant filed a complaint dated 2 August 1985 in terms identical to her first complaint of 20 May 1983. Both new complaints were made against "Tripolis Foods Ltd. ... carrying on business under the name of "Three Stars Family Restaurant"". These two new complaints were served on Mr. Kodellas on 30 August 1989.

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